Project Description

Roseburg Forest Products

Manufacturer of wood products obtains working capital for capital improvements needed to remain competitive and retain critical manufacturing jobs.


Roseburg Forest Products (RFP) is a privately-owned wood products company based in Dillard, Oregon. For over 75 years, RFP has provided forest products from Oregon’s timberlands. RFP employs over 3,000 employees, including 971 employees at their corporate office and mill in Dillard.  RFP and the local economy were hit particularly hard during the recent recession as both are heavily dependent on new home construction and wood-product manufacturing.  The influx of working capital will allow RFP to install new equipment and expand its facilities so that RFP can capitalize on the timber industry’s recovery and retain 971 jobs.

  • Retain 971 permanent jobs at the Dillard Mill, a critically important economic engine for the surrounding community. RFP is a significant contributor to the economic growth of the area through its impact in the supply chain including loggers and truckers.
  • The majority of full-time positions receive living wages and are provided a competitive benefits package including health care coverage, retirement benefits, disability insurance and group life insurance.
  • In addition to the NMTC proceeds, GE Capital, in conjunction with a community development partner, will be granting $200,000 to fund one or more of community development initiatives in Douglas County.
  • Implementation of sustainability management best practices including but not limited to company‐wide emission inventory and reporting, 100% compliance with Oregon’s Toxics Use and Hazardous Waste Reduction program, and the utilization of biomass energy.
  • Poverty Rate: Average poverty rate of 16.9% across three census tracts
  • Median Family Income: Average MFI of 68.3% of benchmark across three census tracts
  • Unemployment Rate: Average unemployment rates of 1.5 times the national average
  • Non-Metropolitan Community
  • Total Project Cost: $10 million
  • NCF Deployed Allocation: $10 million
  • Total NMTC Allocation: $10 million
  • United Fund Advisors (National Community Fund I, LLC)
  • GE Capital
  • Roseburg Forest Products
  • Sustainable Northwest
  • Rural Development Initiatives